Welcome to The Chicano Cruise 2018 Group Leader Program.
   As a Group Leader, you will have the opportunity to earn cash (in the form of a check or onboard credit) on sailing day. Or you could even the get the full price of your ticket (including taxes, fees, port charges and gratuities) paid for FREE by getting 24 Paid Guests (including the Paid Group Leader).
   Coming as a group can be a lot of fun. We can cater to you by seating together at meals as well as booking excursions for your whole group to attend. We can even design a Cruise T-Shirt for your group (paid for by the group)to show off your group pride. We will accommodate your group as little or as much as you need us to.
    Getting started in the program is very easy. First, you need to complete the online Group Leader Program Registration FormJust fill out your basic contact details and once you have added a guest to your group, that guest, is "yours" for as long as you are an active participant in the program.
    Once you have agreed to the “Terms and Conditions” and booked your cruise we will go out of our way to assist your group to have the best cruise experience possible. We will contact you and create a personal Group Account that you can add or remove Group Members.
    Once you have contacted your potential guests, please advise them to call us at (702) 954-0298, so we can process their reservations. To ensure proper allocation of each guest, ask them to identify themselves as being a member of your group when they call in. Even if they don't do that, as long as they are on your list before they call to make reservation, you will be given credit. Any guest that has booked already and is not on your list or has not given your name at time of booking will not be included for compensation for the Group Leader. If a guest still wants to be included in your group we can add them to be included in all group activities.
   If you have any questions regarding our Group Leader Program or anything regarding our cruise you can contact us at (702) 954-0298 anytime and she or someone else from our company will be happy to answer them.
We look forward to booking your group, and we wish you every success as a Group Leader.
  Here are the “Terms and Conditions” for the Group Leader Program as well as the sign up form. We look forward to accommodating the needs of “YOUR” Group.
1)      A Group Leader has to have put a cabin on the cruise before becoming a Group Leader and signing up potential guests.
2)      Compensation for Group Leaders will be as follows: Paid Group Leader + 23 Paid Guests = 0. When Paid Group Leader has 24 Paid Guests + the Paid Group Leader, then the Group Leader will be compensated in the amount equal to the average of all 25 Paid Guests tickets (including fees, taxes, port charges and gratuities).
3)      A Group Leader is a person or body that that organizes a group of 25 people or more who wish to reserve and pay for rooms on a cruise ship as a “group” for any reason and is compensated accordingly. 
4)      The Group Leader may choose to be compensated by The Chicano Cruise management in the form of a check at time of sailing or have the amount applied as “onboard credit” to their account.
5)      At time of registration, the group leader is to provide The Chicano Cruise with a list of names and addresses of proposed guests. Once a proposed guest is part of a group, they cannot then change groups and no other group leader can claim that proposed guest.  A member of a group may start their own group and provide a list of new proposed guests at anytime. If any guest on original list has been left off the Group list and later found to be  registered on the ship with The Chicano Cruise, the Paid Guest will be added to the Group Leaders Group Total and Group Leader will be compensated accordingly. We appreciate all our Groups and Group Leaders and wish to treat them with dignity, honesty and courteous service. Failure of a guest to complete their purchase disqualifies them from inclusion as one of the Groups 24 paid guests.
6)      Paid Group Leaders who continue to actively book with The Chicano Cruise will continue to be compensated for their Paid Guests who continue to book with The Chicano Cruise or any of our many cruises only if put on their list or they notify the booking agent at time of booking. Group Leaders are responsible to keep track of their Group Members from cruise to cruise.
7)     The Chicano Cruise will honor all agreements made with Group Leaders and Guests. The Chicano Cruise reserves the right to end any agreement with anyone due to actions viewed as disruptive, dishonest or harmful in any way to management, crew or other guests at the sole discretion of Management.
By registering in the Group Leader Program, it is agreed and understood that you will abide by all “Terms and Conditions” listed in "Terms and Conditions" above.